• AEMP

    The AEMP (Association of Equipment Management Professionals) API for use with the TeMeDa telematics solution.
  • Telemetry API

    A collection of RESTful JSON-based operations for use with the Temeda telematics solution.
  • Temeda AT&T EAMS API

    The Temeda API Portal is also home to the AT&T Equipment and Machinery Solution API...a collection of RESTful JSON-based operations for use with the AT&T EAMS telematics/IoT solution.
  • Temeda PUSH Service API

    The Push Service API interface is being offered to customers and service providers who intend to integrate their systems with Temeda and wish to receive real-time telemetry data updates as they occur within the Temeda platform. Customers are required to create a HTTP/JSON listener in order to receive the data. The Temeda Push Service API is a real-time data interface based on industry standard JSON and HTTP web operations. Please contact Temeda to set up the PUSH Service API. For more information, see our Temeda Push Service API Documentation.

    Temeda customers who are on the Microsoft Azure cloud can leverage additional data synchronization offerings from the Temeda platform using Azure Event Hubs or Azure DataShare.